What is the difference between RestoreHOI and Restore Illinois?

RestoreHOI offers detailed guidance for local businesses and organizations looking to safely reopen at each phase of Restore Illinois. For a detailed comparison of RestoreHOI and Restore Illinois, please follow this link

What are the major changes moving from Phase 3 to Phase 4?

A summary of the major changes with Phase 4 can be found at this link. Please review the individual business type information for more specific guidance.

What opens in each phase of the Plan?

The Restore Illinois Plan provides details about what types of businesses and activities can open in each phase. This information can be found in the Restore Illinois plan at this link Please note that we are currently in Phase 3 of the Plan.

What are the rules for farmer’s markets?

Farmer’s Markets are permitted if they follow the guidance at this link. Please check with your local community for any additional requirements.

Are private RV and campgrounds open again?

Yes. Both private RV locations and campgrounds can open by following the guidance found here.

What are the rules for swimming pools?

Private swimming pools may open. Public and semi-public swimming pools are not allowed to open in phase 3 except for lap swimming, diving, swimming lessons, swim team practices, and therapy pool use. Please see the information at this link for further details.

What are the rules for places of worship?

Places of worship may resume in-person events by following the guidance at this link.

What are the rules for food carts and food trucks?

Food trucks and food carts may resume take-away business if they establish appropriate spacing of queuing customers, prohibit the assembly of customers in any one area, and ensure that their employees follow all RestoreHOI and local Health Department guidance for food establishments.

How can I get feedback and approval on an outdoor public event?

If you would like to schedule an outdoor public event, please use the “Certify Outdoor Dining and Events” button at www.restorehoi.com or click here

Has the State provided any additional information and guidance?

Yes, additional guidance from the State can be found at this link, or at the following webpage https://www.dph.illinois.gov/covid19.

I don’t know what the occupancy limits are for my building, how can I calculate this number?

If you do not have a posted occupancy limit, you can use the information at this link to determine your maximum occupancy in each phase of the Restore Illinois Plan.

Can customers at an outdoor restaurant smoke at the tables?

No. Outdoor eating areas are still subject to the Smoke Free Illinois Law.

Can I have customers stand at an outdoor bar?

No. Outdoor bars cannot be used for public access. They can be used as service bars or for other purposes that do not cause customers and/or employees to congregate in the area.

Have the regulations changed related to time limits on massages?

Yes. The State has removed the 30-minute maximum on massages. All massage therapist must have a State issued license and must follow all local regulations and appropriate COVID-19 guidance.

Can I play golf or go fishing and boating?

Yes. Guidance on golfing can be found here, and on fishing and boating here